Eco Friendly Fire Starters

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Waste not! These eco-friendly fire starters are the perfect way we've found to utilize our wick trimmings, dried organic herbs leftover from the season, spare wax from our candle-making process, fallen cones, pods and petals, etc .for use in both indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits. 

As long as your fire is allowed to burn fully before being put out, these will not leave any wax or residue in your fireplace or pit! They *may* have some fragrance leftover from whatever wax we were pouring last, but the scent will be in line with the season and contents and will be subtle - they will NOT change the smell of your fire once it's going!

Vegan / soy wax tends to frost over with time, so while the surface of the wax may become less pretty as they sit out through the season, they will still burn and start fires just as well!

These make great gifts throughout the fall and winter holiday seasons, and are a nice way to start your fires when guests are over.

1. Burn in an approved fire location. Such as a fireplace, camp fire, firepit. 


3. Never leave fire unattended in case of an emergency extinguish fire using water, wet towel or fire extinguisher.

4. Keep fire starters in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

5 Not for consumption Keep out of the reach of children and pets